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Cristina Sá



Voice Professional
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Voice Demonstrations

Cristina Sá
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Institutional ITAUCristina Sá
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Colloquial ALWAYSCristina Sá
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Talked Day TripperCristina Sá
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Talked Pet Resort RioCristina Sá
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Manifest PEACECristina Sá
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Espera Telefônica AMARAL IMOVEISCristina Sá
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Audiobook BUSINESSCristina Sá
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Political campaignCristina Sá
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Who is Cristina Sá


It is with passion and commitment that I offer my VOICE service to your Project, your Company, your Brand, your Business. Agility, quality and humanized contact are fundamental parts of my work. I understand your project, I become part of it and from there the magic happens: the voice that adds, talks, understands, sells, connects and creates bonds with you.

So, let's connect?

I guarantee it will be incredible!

Own studio in Barra da Tijuca, city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With excellent insulation and acoustic treatment system, providing excellent quality.

Let's Talk?


Thanks!It will be a pleasureto serve you!

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